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Anger in Organizations: Review and Integration
Journal of Management
  • Donald E Gibson, Fairfield University
  • Ronda Roberts Callister, Utah State University
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SAGE Publications
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Organizations are rife with situations likely to cause employee anger, including complex relationships, chronic pressure, high stakes, and factors beyond individual control. The importance of this discrete emotion has led to a range of studies exploring the implications of anger for critical organizational phenomena, including emotion norms, leadership, gender issues, status and power, and cross-cultural differences. Despite the dramatic increase in scholarly attention over the past decade to understanding anger experience and expression in organizations, there exist few current reviews and little integration of this diverse literature. By combining a psychological perspective of anger as an episodic process with an organizational perspective emphasizing contextual effects and norms, this review will summarize current research in this vital area, provide a model for understanding and integrating this work, and propose themes for future research.
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Gibson, D., & Callister, R.R. 2010. Anger in Organizations: Review and Critique. Journal of Management, 36: 66-93.