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Ho'oponopono: Some Lessons from Hawaiian Mediation
Negotiation Journal
  • James A. Wall, Jr., University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Ronda Roberts Callister, Utah State University
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Taylor & Francis
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While conflict and conflict management are obviously found throughout the world, most of the dominant theories and practice today focus on Western perspectives, neglecting non-Western viewpoints (Horowitz and Boardman 1994). To overcome this deficiency, we in the past have studied conflict management - specifically mediation - in the Pacific Rim countries, China (Wall and Blum 1991; Wall et. al., in press), South Korea (Kim et. al.; Sohn and Wall 1993) and Japan (Callister and Wall 1994). These studies broadened our perspective by demonstrating the effects of norms, values and perceptions on conflict management in these Eastern countries.
Originally published by Wiley-Blackwell. Limited preview available through remote link. Subscription required to access article fulltext.
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Wall, J. A. Jr. & Callister, R. R. 1995. Ho'oponopono: Some lessons from Hawaiian mediation. Negotiation Journal, 11: 39-47.