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Thai and U.S Community Mediation
The Journal of Conflict Resolution
  • Ronda Roberts Callister, Utah State University
  • James A. Wall, Jr.
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SAGE Publications
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The approaches of 111 Thai and a matched set of 111 U.S. community mediators are investigated. Results show that Thai mediators are more apt to be assertive in their mediations; they put disputants together, demand concessions, criticize disputants, and threaten them more frequently than do U.S. mediators. Thai mediators more frequently seek harmony by asking disputants to forgive each other and to apologize.

Originally published by SAGE Publications. Publisher's PDF available through remote link.
Citation Information
Callister, R. R. & Wall, J.A. Jr. 2004. Thai and U.S Community Mediation. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 48 (4): 573-598.