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About Ronald Walter Greene

My research interests include Rhetorical Theory, Cultural Policy and Moving Image Studies. The work in rhetorical theory develops a materialist theory of rhetoric with special attention to how rhetorical techniques and technologies are enlisted as means of governance and production. My book Malthusian Worlds: US Leadership and the Population Crisis offers a detailed case study of the interaction between rhetoric, governance and political economy. In cultural policy the research isolates pedagogical interventions of rhetoric/argumentation and debate as modes of citizenship education. Finally, my work in moving image studies emphasizes the "off screen" dynamics (distribution and exhibition) of the YMCA Motion Picture Bureau in the first half of the twentieth century.


Present Professor and Chair, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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Honors and Awards

  • Distinguished Scholar, Critical and Cultural Studies, National Communication Association
  • Charles Woolbert Research Award

Population Policy/Governmentality/Biopolitics (3)

Material Theory of Rhetoric/Communication (1)

Recent Works (2)

Rhetorical History (1)

Rhetorical Theory (15)

Soft Skills (1)

Moving Image Studies (YMCA Motion Picture Bureau) (3)