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Facilitating Changes in Supervisees'Clinical Behaviors: An Experimental Investigation of Supervisory Effectiveness
Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders
  • Ronald B. Gillam, Utah State University
  • C S Roussos
  • J Anderson
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This research was conducted to determine whether supervisees altered their clinical behaviors as a consequence of a joint data-analysis method of clinical supervision. Four beginning graduate student clinicians assigned to articulation clients were supervised in accordance with tenets of Cogan's Clinical Supervision Model and Anderson's Continuum of Supervision. Supervision focused on the targeted dependent variables of clinician "explanations," "informative feedback," and "directive responses to off-task utterances." Visual inspection of multiple baseline data indicated that target behaviors improved after they became the focus of supervision. The supervisory procedures implemented in this study effected positive changes in the supervisees' clinical behaviors. Qualitative discoveries that relate to the practicalities of daily supervision are discussed.

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Gillam, R. B., Roussos, C. S., & Anderson, J. (1990). Facilitating changes in supervisees' clinical behaviors: An experimental investigation of supervisory effectiveness. Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 55, 729-739