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Communication Sciences and Disorders: From Science to Clinical Practice
Utah State University Faculty Monographs
  • Ronald Gillam, Utah State University
  • Thomas P. Marquardt
  • Frederick N. Martin
Communication Sciences and Disorders: From Science to Clinical Practice is an excellent introductory text for undergraduate students enrolled in their first course in communication sciences and disorders. Written by experts in the field, this text contains basic information about speech disorders that are related to impairments in articulation, voice, and fluency; language disorders in children and adults; and hearing disorders that cause conductive and sensorineural hearing losses. It includes basic information on the speech, language, and hearing sciences and practical information about assessment and intervention practices. Unlike some other introductory text books, this book also includes chapters on multicultural issues, deafness, dysarthria, and dysphagia. The key ancillary features of this book that makes it unique are the CD and Companion Web site. The accompanying CD contains numerous high-quality videos that demonstrate every critical aspect of speech, language, and hearing disorders. The CD enables professors to provide information about common or unusual cases in a single, highly accessible format, and it enables students to watch the segments many times over to make the most of the enhanced learning opportunities they provide. A fun way to aid learning comprehension, the Companion Web site has an interactive glossary, flashcards, and crossword puzzles for an additional review of key terms.
Jones & Bartlett
Publication Date
  • communication,
  • disorders,
  • science,
  • clinical practice
Second edition.
Citation Information
Gillam, Ronald, Marquardt, Thomas P., and Martin, Frederick N. Communication Sciences and Disorders: General Equilibium Analysis for Trade Policy. Jones & Bartlett, 2010.