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Dynamic Assessment of Narrative and Expository Discourse.
Topics in Language Disorders
  • R B Gillam, Utah State University
  • E D Pena
  • L B Miller
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The ability to understand and create stories and explanations plays an important role in the acquisition of literacy. This article describes how clinicians can use an assessment process known as Dynamic Assessment to evaluate children's narrative and expository discourse abilities. These assessment procedures help speech-language pathologists better describe the language learning potential of children who are referred for language assessment, and they yield information that is useful for determining whether children present a language difference or a language disorder. We also demonstrate how Dynamic Assessment provides critical information for planning language intervention.
Citation Information
Gillam, R. B, Peña, E.D., & Miller, L. B. (1999). Dynamic assessment of narrative and expository texts. Topics in Language Disorders, 20 (1), 15-29.