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An Introduction to the Discipline of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Communication Sciences and Disorders: From Science to Clinical Practice
  • Ronald B. Gillam
  • Sandra Laing Gillam, Utah State University
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Contribution to Book
Ronald Gillam, Thomas P. Marquardt, & Frederick N. Martin
Jones and Barlett
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LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. To understand the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. 2. To understand how disorders of hearing, speech, and language adversely affect communication. 3. To compare and contrast the meaning of the following terms: impairment, disability, handicap, disorder, and difference. 4. To learn about the major types of speech, language, and hearing disorders. 5. To learn about the educational background and professional activities of speech, language, and hearing scientists, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists. 6. To understand the regulation of the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology by state agencies and professional organizations.

Originally published by Jones & Bartlett. Chapter fulltext available through remote link.

Citation Information
Gillam, R., & Gillam, S. (2010). An introduction to the discipline of communication Sciences and Disorders. In R. Gillam, T. Marquardt, & F. Martin, (Eds.), Communication Sciences and Disorders: From Science to Clinical Practice. Boston, MA: Jones & Barlett.