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Water Being Water
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  • Ronald R. Geibert, Wright State University
  • Wright State University Art Galleries, Wright State University Art Galleries
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IQ. DNA. MRI. FYI. In an ever-changing world, we find ourselves conversing with abbreviated acronyms and phrases. They drive today's economy, political agenda, and water cooler chitchat. They define our use of resources and the attention given to matters. Who we are, or think we are, are wrapped around their brevity. In our hurried attempt to sort through the complexities of life we use them to only answer the obvious-How? Unfortunately, an equally important question, Why? is often ignored. The solving of the how of things has generally been left to the scientists and the reasons as to the why for artists to decipher. This publication and exhibition takes a new approach by making the two questions inseparable. Using the simplest of elements, H20, a scientist turned artist, and two writers, one from the sciences and the other from the arts, have begun a new conversation. It is a discussion that deserves our attention and participation.

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Wright State University Art Galleries
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Ronald R. Geibert and Wright State University Art Galleries. Water Being Water. Dayton(2005)
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