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Unpublished Paper
Organizational Behavior Evaluation of Southwest Airlines
  • Ronald L Dearinger, University of Florida

The airline industry has been in the forefront of the economic and ecologic turmoil in which the United States and the world have been involved. This paper directs its concerns to the organizational behavior strategy practices of Southwest Airlines. Through an assessment of Southwest’s overall design approach (mission, strategic overview of the leadership, glance at the organizational structure, corporate culture and people systems), this paper will provide an evaluation of the short and long-term effectiveness of the strategy, and the impact on environmental, political, sociological, psychological and fiscal arenas on behavior. The ways in which Southwest illustrates theories of organizational design and behavior will be explored. This paper also explores how behavior will influence Southwest Airlines’ future.

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Ronald L Dearinger. "Organizational Behavior Evaluation of Southwest Airlines" (2010)
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