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X-1: The Challenge of High Fusion Yield
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference
  • Ronald E. Olson, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • C. Deeney
  • D. L. Cook
  • J. J. Ramirez
  • P. S. Raglin
  • G. E. Rochau
  • M. K. Matzen
  • R. J. Leeper
  • J. L. Porter
  • D. H. McDaniel
  • R. B. Spielman
  • J. P. Quintenz
  • R. R. Peterson
In the past three years, tremendous strides have been made in X-ray production using high-current Z-pinches. Today, the X-ray energy and power output of the Z accelerator (formerly PBFA II) is the largest available in the laboratory. These Z-pinch X-ray sources have great potential to drive high-yield inertial confinement fusion (ICF) reactions at affordable cost if several challenging technical problems can be overcome. Technical challenges in three key areas are discussed in this paper: the design of a target for high yield, the development of a suitable pulsed power driver, and the design of a target chamber capable of containing the high fusion yield.
Keywords and Phrases
  • ICF,
  • X-1 Accelerator,
  • X-Ray Production,
  • Z Accelerator,
  • Z Pinch,
  • Fusion Reactor Design,
  • Fusion Reactor Reaction Chamber,
  • Fusion Reactor Targets,
  • High Fusion Yield,
  • High-Current Z-Pinches,
  • Inertial Confinement Fusion,
  • Particle Beam Fusion Accelerators,
  • Plasma Inertial Confinement,
  • Pulsed Power Driver,
  • Pulsed Power Technology,
  • Target Chamber Design
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Article - Conference proceedings
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Ronald E. Olson, C. Deeney, D. L. Cook, J. J. Ramirez, et al.. "X-1: The Challenge of High Fusion Yield" Proceedings of the 12th International Conference (1998)
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