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Recent Progress in Static-Wall Hohlraum Development for ICF Studies
IEEE International Conference
  • Ronald E. Olson, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • W. Matsuka
  • T. W. L. Sanford
  • J. E. Bailey
  • G. A. Chandler
  • D. L. Fehl
  • D. E. Hebron
  • J. S. Lash
  • R. J. Leeper
  • R. C. Mock
  • T. J. Nash
  • J. L. Porter
  • L. E. Ruggles
  • C. L. Ruiz
  • W. W. Simpson
  • K. W. Struve
  • R. A. Vesey
  • R. L. Bowers
  • R. E. Chrien
  • G. C. Idzorek
  • D. L. Peterson
  • R. G. Watt
  • R. R. Peterson
  • N. F. Roderick
  • D. B. Reisman
Summary form only given. Radiation environments characteristic of those encountered during the low-temperature foot pulse and subsequent higher-temperature early-step pulses required for indirect-drive ICF ignition on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) are desired in order to provide a platform to better understand the dynamics of NIF hohlraums and capsules prior to NIF completion. In this paper, we show that an axial hohlraum using the static-wall-hohlraum geometry heated by X-rays from a Z-pinch on the Z generator is capable of providing environments for such pre-NIF studies as well as for diagnostic applications
Keywords and Phrases
  • ICF Studies,
  • National Ignition Facility,
  • X-Ray Heating,
  • Z Generator,
  • Z Pinch,
  • Axial Hohlraum,
  • Diagnostic Applications,
  • Fusion Reactor Ignition,
  • Higher-Temperature Early-Step Pulses,
  • Low-Temperature Foot Pulse,
  • Plasma Heating,
  • Plasma Inertial Confinement,
  • Radiation Environments,
  • Static-Wall Hohlraum Development
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Article - Conference proceedings
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Ronald E. Olson, W. Matsuka, T. W. L. Sanford, J. E. Bailey, et al.. "Recent Progress in Static-Wall Hohlraum Development for ICF Studies" IEEE International Conference (2000)
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