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Reconciling Enterprise Security Concerns with the BYOD Trend
  • Kevin Lee Elder, Georgia College & State University
  • Mark Barnhill, Georgia College & State University
  • John N. Dyer, Georgia Southern University
  • Ronald J. MacKinnon, Georgia Southern University
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Employees increasingly want to use their own mobile devices for work and they have demonstrated that when they can use devices of their choosing for work purposes it increases their morale and consequently augments productivity. At the same time, companies want to ensure that these mobile devices adequately secure corporate data. Companies need to find a balancing point between their security concerns and their employees' expectations of control over their mobile devices. The primary research question for this analysis concerns how enterprises can reconcile their own security concerns with the BYOD trend.

Citation Information
Kevin Lee Elder, Mark Barnhill, John N. Dyer and Ronald J. MacKinnon. "Reconciling Enterprise Security Concerns with the BYOD Trend" SEDSI (2015) p. 274 - 287
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