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SAP in the MBA Curriculum
Proceedings of the Society of Business, Industry and Economics
  • Kevin Lee Elder, Georgia Southern University
  • Ronald J. MacKinnon, Georgia Southern University
  • Hsiang-Jui Kung, Georgia Southern University
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Conference Proceeding
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SAP is fairly widely used in the undergraduate business curriculum but it is not as widely used in the business graduate curriculum. This paper describes how any university would be able to incorporate SAP into the MBA curriculum. SAP has a University Alliance program that encourages universities all over the world to cooperate in the use of SAP in the curriculum. SAP maintains an SAP University Alliance Community web page that lists major SAP applications developed by various universities and these applications are made available to all members of the SAP University Alliance. In these times of shrinking budgets and tight employment opportunities for business school graduates we feel that many universities should be considering using SAP in the MBA curriculum. Our paper will be a guidebook or framework for how to accomplish that.
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Kevin Lee Elder, Ronald J. MacKinnon and Hsiang-Jui Kung. "SAP in the MBA Curriculum" Destin, FloridaProceedings of the Society of Business, Industry and Economics (2010) p. 91 - 97
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