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Unpublished Paper
Concurrent Enrollment Benchmark Data and Self-Study Report 2014 .pdf
  • Ron J Hammond

This study was based on data analysis of 82,119 UVU/UVSC student records.  An IRB application “Secondary Analysis of UVU’s Concurrent Enrollment Data” was submitted on 12 July 2013 and approved (approval #01096) on 18 July 2013.  The main purpose of the research was to provide benchmark data and a  self-study report thereby establishing informed strategies to improve UVU’s overall Concurrent Enrollment Department and student success.  The analyses presented below are post-hoc and descriptive utilizing a minimum threshold of .05 levels of statistical significance.  Outcomes were measured for the following four categories of students: Concurrent Enrollment (CE), Advanced Placement (AP), Distance Ed. (DE), and On-Campus (OC) students. Multiple Comparisons of mean scores indicated that the AP students graduated more: Associate, bachelors, and doctoral degrees while OC student graduated with more Masters Degrees.
  • concurrent enrollment,
  • advanced placement,
  • modalities,
  • distance education,
  • outcomes
Publication Date
Winter March 15, 2019
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Ron J Hammond. "Concurrent Enrollment Benchmark Data and Self-Study Report 2014 .pdf" (2019)
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