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Unpublished Paper
Results of the UVU Non-Traditional Student Survey 2013-2015
  • Ron J Hammond
  • Traci Wennerholm, Utah Valley University

Increasing college and university student retention and graduation rates continues to occupy UVU, USHE, Northwest Accreditation, and overall U.S. educational directives. Utah Valley University has made concerted efforts to retain and graduate all students, but most recently non-traditional students.  The population of 33,050 students was solicited via email to take an online survey.  Of those who responded, approximately 799 attempted the survey, but only 431 completed the majority of the survey questions.  These 431 respondents were categorized into three groups based on their level of interest: Very Interested, Somewhat Interested, and Not At All Interested.  Of the 431, about 80.8 percent indicated some interest in returning to UVU and 41.8 percent indicated that they were very interested.
  • nontraditional students,
  • graduation rates,
  • retention rates,
  • dropout,
  • returning students
Publication Date
Winter March 15, 2019
Citation Information
Ron J Hammond and Traci Wennerholm. "Results of the UVU Non-Traditional Student Survey 2013-2015" (2019)
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