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Unpublished Paper
Report Results of Webex versus NonSurvey 30 April 2016.pdf
  • Ron J Hammond

Findings from the previous research studies and findings from this current enhanced pilot study indicate the value of UVU further exploring the implementation of Webex as a teaching modality that UVU could us in combination with: hybrid, live-interactive, in-class, and perhaps even online courses.  The effective and informed implementation of Webex (or a related platform) if strategically combined with ongoing efforts across campus to better enroll, retain, and graduate UVU students, could alleviate some of the adverse challenges facing UVU:
·      Thousands of students each semester are unable to schedule classes they need
·      Campus congestion: Parking and overall campus space (classroom)  
·      Attrition and less-than-desirable graduation rates of current students
·      Interference of students academic goals through off-campus demands on UVU students that often outweigh their goals
·      Patterns of low class attendance, courses with high failure rates, and inactivity
Findings from this study indicate that the Webex and non-Webex students were very similar in terms of demographic characteristics (Table 1). When asked about the variety of teaching modalities they used Spring Semester 2016, it becomes apparent that many of these UVU students were using modalities other than regular in-class courses.  For example, 41% took an online; 12% took a live-interactive; 34% took hybrid; 5% took independent studies; and 8% took a Webex course Spring Semester 2016. Only 32% reporting that they exclusively took regular in-person classes (Table 2).
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Winter March 5, 2019
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Ron J Hammond. "Report Results of Webex versus NonSurvey 30 April 2016.pdf" (2019)
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