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Business Ethics and the Brain
Business Ethics Quarterly (2009)
  • Rommel Salvador, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • R. Folger

Neuroethics, the study of the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying ethical decision-making, is a growing field of study. In this review, we identify and discuss four themes emerging from neuroethics research. First, ethical decision-making appears to be distinct from other types of decision-making processes. Second, ethical decision-making entails more than just conscious reasoning. Third, emotion plays a critical role in ethical decision-making, at least under certain circumstances. Lastly, normative approaches to morality have distinct, underlying neural mechanisms. On the basis of these themes, we draw implications for research in business ethics and the practice of ethics training.

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Rommel Salvador and R. Folger. "Business Ethics and the Brain" Business Ethics Quarterly Iss. 19 (2009)
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