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Introduction to gene enrichment analysis tools
Yale Medical Library (2015)
  • Rolando Garcia-Milian, Yale University

Bioinformatics enrichment tools play an important role in identifying, annotating, and functionally analyzing large list of genes generated by high-throughput technologies (e.g. microarrary, RNA-seq, ChIP-chip). This workshop will provide an overview of the principle, type of enrichments, and the infrastructure of enrichment tools. By using concrete examples, it will also introduce some of the most popular tools for gene enrichment analysis such as DAVID, GSEA, and WebGestalt.

  • gene enrichment,
  • pathway,
  • network,
  • functional annotation
Publication Date
Winter February 24, 2015
Citation Information
Rolando Garcia-Milian. "Introduction to gene enrichment analysis tools" Yale Medical Library (2015)
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