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Alternative Tools for Mining The Biomedical Literature
  • Rolando Garcia-Milian, Yale University

The rapid growth of experimental and computational biomedical data is being accompanied by an increase in the number of biomedical publications discussing these results. This makes retrieving relevant scientific information and identifying connections between findings, a challenging task. New literature-mining tools (e.g. KNALIJ, Quertle, NextBio, iHOP, SemMed, GoPubMed, etc) may be of help when sorting through this abundance of literature, as discovery and hypothesis generating tools. This workshop provides an introduction on how to use some of these literature-mining tools when answering research questions.

  • text mining,
  • visualization tools,
  • information retrieval
Publication Date
May 14, 2014
Citation Information
Rolando Garcia-Milian. "Alternative Tools for Mining The Biomedical Literature" (2014)
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