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About Rohan Price

Rohan Price BA, LLB (UTAS), LLM (UTAS), DPhil (UNE)
Rohan is well-known nationally as a specialist in the areas of employment and industrial law. The 5th edition of Principles of Employment Law is billed as "one of the leading texts in the field".
He has spent several years teaching and travelling in China. His PhD was on the use of land law as a tool against Chinese nationalism in Hong Kong between the First and Second World Wars. He has expanded this into a multi-jurisdictional study of East Asian colonial possessions. Reading Colonies: Property and Control of the British Far East which has been published by City University Press: It complements his biography of an interwar Hong Kong land officer, Going Native: The Passions of Philip Jacks. Published by Australian Scholarly at the end of 2016, Going Native has themes of colonial duty, inter-racialism and cultural hybridity. Rohan's most recent work Resistance in Colonial and Communist China (1950-1963) Anatomy of a Riot (2019) has been described in one review as "passionately written" and "bringing back to life" the riot of 1956 in Hong Kong.

Rohan is currently working on two further monograph projects:

1. Violence and Emancipation in Colonial Ideology argues that the insurrection of the Malayan Communist Party (1948-60) sped up the decolonisation of British Malaya by forcing the British to invent Malay nationalism, and promote ameliorative social policy among the Chinese diaspora community, as tools of political decolonisation, rather than economic freedom from neocolonial rule. The book further argues that the Malayan decolonisation occurred in a way that never occurred in Hong Kong due to its want of a viable anti-colonial nationalist threat after 1949. If, when and how was anti-colonial violence justified? How and why were nationalist movements criminalised by a colonial, and neocolonial powers? The book also asks: if the colonial state was subjective how did it claim a sufficiently objective mantle to rule and what part did ideology play in this?

2. On Occupation -- a theoretical work comparing CBD protest and colonial occupation from a phenomenological point of view.


2015 - Present Lecturer, Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice

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Honors and Awards

  • Australian Tertiary Book of the Year (2003) for Employment Law in Principle

Contact Information

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