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Into the Mainstream? Labor Market Outcomes of Mexican-Origin Workers
International Migration Review (2010)
  • Renee R Luthra
  • Roger D Waldinger, University of California, Los Angeles
We evaluate recent revisions of assimilation theory by comparing the labor market performance of Mexican immigrants and their descendents to those of native white and black Americans. Using the CPS Contingent Worker Series, we examine public and nonstandard employment and fringe benefits in addition to earnings. We find little evidence that Mexican Americans cluster in nonstandard work, noting instead intergenerational improvement in benefits and pay. However, all Mexican origin workers are disadvantaged relative to native whites in terms of benefits. It is only within the public sector that the labor market outcomes of Mexican origin workers converge with native whites.
Publication Date
Winter 2010
Citation Information
Renee R Luthra and Roger D Waldinger. "Into the Mainstream? Labor Market Outcomes of Mexican-Origin Workers" International Migration Review Vol. 44 Iss. 4 (2010)
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