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Water Use and the Key factor of Water Use of Ornamental Landscapes
Spring Runoff Conference
  • Roger Kjelgren
  • Kelly Kopp
  • Hongyan Sun
Eccles Conference Center
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Start Date
3-30-2011 2:40 PM
End Date
3-30-2011 3:00 PM
Using plant species that require less water is one important principle of XeriscapingTM. However, little research has examined the water requirements of complete landscapes differing only in plant material. Nine landscapes were installed in drainage Iysimeters with three classes of plant material: mesic, mixed and xeric. Each plot was divided into woody plant, turf, and perennial hydrozones and water balances for each hydrozone were developed. Overall landscape coefficients (KL) ranged from 0.6 to 0.8 for the three landscape treatments. For woody plants and perennials, the relationship between crop coefficient (Kc) and percent canopy cover was the key determinant of water use under well-watered conditions.
Citation Information
Roger Kjelgren, Kelly Kopp and Hongyan Sun. "Water Use and the Key factor of Water Use of Ornamental Landscapes" (2011)
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