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FTIR Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Applied to the Curing and Aging of Composites
AIP Conference Proceedings
  • Roger W. Jones, Iowa State University
  • Jeffrey J. Sweterlitsch, Iowa State University
  • Anthony J. Wagner, Iowa State University
  • John F. McClelland, Iowa State University
  • David K. Hsu, Iowa State University
  • Daniel L. Polis, Swales Aerospace
  • Marjorie F. Sovinski, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
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Fourier-transform infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy has been applied to carbonfiber composites to test whether bulk physical properties of the composites could be determined using the near-surface-sensitive photoacoustic approach. Both the cure levels of carbon fiber/cyanate ester composites and the interlaminar shear strengths of artificially aged carbon fiber/epoxy composites were successfully measured. Standard errors of cross validation were 3.46% cure for a sample set ranging from 8% to 95% cured and 1.60 MPa for aged samples with strengths ranging from 22 to 77 MPa.

This article is from AIP Conference Proceedings 760 (2005): 1094, doi:10.1063/1.1916794.

Works produced by employees of the U.S. Government as part of their official duties are not copyrighted within the U.S. The content of this document is not copyrighted.
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Roger W. Jones, Jeffrey J. Sweterlitsch, Anthony J. Wagner, John F. McClelland, et al.. "FTIR Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Applied to the Curing and Aging of Composites" AIP Conference Proceedings Vol. 760 (2005) p. 1094 - 1099
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