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Contribution to Book
Vanadate Stimulation of Pyridine Nucleotide Oxidation in Mammalian Liver Microsomal Membranes
Oxygen Radicals in Biology and Medicine
  • Roger A. Coulombe, Jr., Utah State University
  • D. W. Reif
  • R. J. Keller
  • D. P. Briskin
  • S. D. Aust
  • W. R. Thornley
  • R. P. Sharma
Document Type
Contribution to Book
M.G. Simic, K.A. Taylor, J.F. Ward and C. von Sontag
Plenum Publishing Corporation
Publication Date
Originally published by Plenum Press (Now part of Springer).
Citation Information
Coulombe, R.A., D.W. Reif, R.J. Keller, D.P. Briskin, S.D. Aust, W.R. Thornley, and R.P. Sharma. Vanadate stimulation of pyridine nucleotide oxidation in mammalian liver microsomal membranes in Simic, M.G., K.A. Taylor, J.F. Ward and C. von Sontag, (eds.) Oxygen Radicals in Biology and Medicine, Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York, 1989.