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About Roger L Conner

Public policy advocacy is an important part of legal practice in the U.S. and an important factor in the success--or failure--of government and other public organizations to address important social problems. Yet there is a dearth of theoretical or practical scholarship about policy advocacy as a form of practice, as an expression of important values, or as a vital element of frameworks and models about how public policy works.
Building on three decades of experience as a practitioner, I am working to fill this gap by developing curricula, testing alternative approaches to instruction, and conducting original research. My current focus is the role of advocacy based on ideas and beliefs (as distinguished from economic interests), and whether it is possible for advocates to capture the passion of concerned citizens and activists without resort to strategies that convert those who disagree on policy into "devils" with evil intentions and dark motives.


Present Adjunct Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University
Present Special Consultant on Public Service Careers, Vanderbilt University

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131 21st Ave, So
Nashville, TN 37215
phone: 615-343-3207


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