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Culture, Gender, and Labor Force Participation
Faculty Publications
  • Roger D. Clark, Rhode Island College
  • Thomas W. Ramsbey, Rhode Island College
  • Emily S. Adler, Rhode Island College
A Cross-National Study
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Department (Manual Entry)
Dept. of Sociology
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This report assesses the impact of culture on women's share of the labor force. Measuring both economic factors and cultural milieu, we found that culture was related not only to levels of women's share of the labor force but, in some instances, to changes in those levels. A secondary finding of the study was that the economic development of a nation had a strong positive association with increases in women's share of the labor force and that one measure of dependency (commodity concentration) had a strong negative association with such change.

Citation Information
Roger D. Clark, Thomas W. Ramsbey and Emily S. Adler. "Culture, Gender, and Labor Force Participation" (1991)
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