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Mallet Finger in a Toddler: A Rare But Easily Missed Injury
Pediatric Emergency Care
  • Karen E Forward, Western University
  • Arjang Yazdani, Western University
  • Rodrick Lim, London Health Sciences Centre
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A mallet finger is a flexion deformity of a finger at the distal interphalangeal joint due to an injury of the extensor mechanism at the base of the distal phalanx. Most common in middle-aged men, injuries in the pediatric population are less common and rare in toddlers. We describe a case of missed mallet finger and its subsequent treatment in a female toddler.

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Karen E Forward, Arjang Yazdani and Rodrick Lim. "Mallet Finger in a Toddler: A Rare But Easily Missed Injury" Pediatric Emergency Care Vol. 33 Iss. 10 (2017) p. 103 - 103
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