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Minor League Baseball Attendance in the Pacific Northwest
Ekonomika a Managamen t (Economics and Management) (2011)
  • Rodney Paul, Syracuse University
  • Andrew P Weinbach
The Pacific Northwest of the United States houses two short-season baseball minor leagues. The Pioneer League (Rookie) and Northwest League (A-short season) are located in the same geographic area, but the Northwest League contains teams in larger cities, on the average, compared to the Pioneer League. The Pioneer League was shown to be affected positively by the local population size and baseball was shown to be an inferior good, while these variables were not shown to have a significant effect in the Northwest League. While fireworks and celebrity appearances had positive and significant effects in both leagues, promotions aimed at specific groups were shown to have a negative effect in the bigger cities of the Northwest League. We believe this shows a difference in entertainment possibilities between the smaller and bigger cities in this area and that promotions have different effects across leagues, even when they are in the same geographic area.
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Rodney Paul and Andrew P Weinbach. "Minor League Baseball Attendance in the Pacific Northwest" Ekonomika a Managamen t (Economics and Management) (2011)
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