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Trade liberalisation and growth: A threshold expectation
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy
  • Rod Falvey, Bond University
  • Neil Foster-McGregor, Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies
  • Ahmed Khalid, Bond University
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Falvey, R., Foster-McGregor, N., & Khalid, A. (2013). Trade liberalisation and growth: A threshold expectation, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 18(2) 230-252.

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2013 HERDC submission. FoR code: 140202;140210

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Openness and trade liberalisation variables are consistently estimated to have significant positive coefficients in panel growth regressions. Many arguments have been advanced as to why and how more open or liberalised economies might grow faster, but the specific channels this process uses have begun to be investigated only recently. We continue these efforts by including a variable identifying the date of trade liberalisation in a system of equations that captures the determinants of growth in per capita income. Four ‘channels’ are considered: capital formation, the share of government, the economy’s openness to trade and its price distortions. We include the liberalisation variable in the equation explaining each channel, and allow for thresholds on its coefficient depending on the ‘years since liberalisation’. These estimated coefficients can also differ by region. In this way, we can identify the channels through which trade liberalisation affects growth and uncover the timing of the adjustments involved.
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Rod Falvey, Neil Foster-McGregor and Ahmed Khalid. "Trade liberalisation and growth: A threshold expectation" Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (2013) ISSN: 1354-7860
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