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Deadly Paradox of Self-defense
The New Existentialists (2012)
  • Rodger E. Broome, PhD, Utah Valley University
Police deadly force is not intended to kill, but its purpose is to stop a violent person from hurting others. It is a desperate measure to bring someone physically under control, even at the risk of taking his or her life. In my research, the officers’ lived experience with shooting another person was paradoxical. Each shot fired by the officers was the most horrible thing they had ever done while being vital to surviving the encounters. Every bullet that hit its mark improved the likelihood that the officer would live while each bullet extinguished the life of the adversary. The sights and sounds of the gunshots, the smell of the gunpowder and blood, and the after-shooting inspection of their own bodies for gunshot wounds were surreal. The experiences changed their worlds and transformed them as people.
  • police,
  • shooting,
  • firearms,
  • learning,
  • experience,
  • paradigm
Publication Date
Winter December 17, 2012
Citation Information
Rodger E. Broome. "Deadly Paradox of Self-defense" The New Existentialists (2012)
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