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Crime news: Does quantity matter?
Center on Media, Crime and Justice (2014)
  • Rocky Dailey, South Dakota State University
Although newspapers have been struggling to maintain reporting muscle, crime and criminal justice content continues to be a staple of local coverage, according to a study commissioned by the Center on Media, Crime and Justice (CMCJ) at John Jay College.
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Publication Date
Fall October 20, 2014
Publisher Statement
CoMCJ is an editorially-reviewed professional publication covering the diverse challenges and issues of 21st century criminal justice in the U.S. and abroad. Coverage includes investigative reports by the some of the nation’s most accomplished reporters; analysis and commentary by leading criminologists, practitioners, law enforcement/corrections professionals, and legal experts; reports on new and cutting-edge research; and daily summaries of the most important criminal justice news, issues and developments covered by the national and international press.
Citation Information
Wenger, D., & Dailey, R. (2014, October 20). Crime news: Does quantity matter? Center on Media, Crime and Justice. Retrieved from