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Going Virtual: Delivering Nanotechnology Safety Education on the Web
Human Resource Development Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Dominick E. Fazarro
  • Heshium R. Lawrence
  • Rochell R. McWhorter, University of Texas at Tyler

The emergence of nanotechnology has created new challenges for the 21st century. Future development of Engineered Nano Materials (ENMs) will soon impact society in ways never imagined before. Most importantly, those who develop and work with ENMs must understand the importance of worker safety. Educators must use creative and innovative ways to educate Generation ‘Y’ to develop a competent nano workforce. We posit that the use of virtual environments in education may be the conduit between Generation ‘Y’s technology connectedness and the teaching of nanotechnology safety education effectively, and cite an example of teaching nanotechnology safety education in a virtual world. In addition, this method of instruction may have implications for engaging higher education students in the STEM area of nanotechnology.

This article was originally published in the Journal of sTEm Teacher Education, here:
Association for sTEm Teacher Education, Journal of sTEm Teacher Education
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Fazarro, D. E., Lawrence, H., & McWhorter, R. R. (2011). Going virtual: Delivery of nanotechnology safety education through virtual instruction. Journal of sTEm Teacher Education, 48(2).
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Dominick E. Fazarro, Heshium R. Lawrence and Rochell R. McWhorter. "Going Virtual: Delivering Nanotechnology Safety Education on the Web" (2011)
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