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Alcohol, Young Persons and Violence
Humanities & Social Sciences papers
  • Robyn Lincoln, Bond University
  • Ross Homel, Griffith University
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Book Chapter
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Lincoln, Robyn and Homel, R. (2001). Alcohol and youthful rites of passage. In P. Williams (Ed.), Alcohol, young persons and violence, (pp. 47-60). Canberra, Australian Institute of Criminology. ISBN 064224197X

An electronic version of this publication is available from the Australian Institute of Criminology.
Copyright © Australian Institute of Criminology, 2001.

This chapter reports the most recent empirical data from a series of observational studies of alcohol related violence in nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. It does not report the totality of the findings from these studies but instead focuses on the contributions these studies can make to a National Alcohol Strategy, especially where young people and the potential for violence are concerned. It includes some policy development suggestions that arise from the data and concludes with principles that might be incorporated in such a national approach, particularly with respect to crime prevention strategies.

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Robyn Lincoln and Ross Homel. "Alcohol, Young Persons and Violence" (2001)
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