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Ethnology and Indigenism in the Brazilian Northwest Amazon
TipitĂ­: Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America
  • Robin M Wright, University of Florida
Publication Date
Article review of De Volta ao Lago de Leite. Lasmar, Cristiane. Sao Paulo: Edusp/ISA/NuTI. 2005. 285 pp., illustrations, maps, references. RS37,00 (paper). ISBN 85-7139-621-3. []. Cidade do Indio. Andrello, Geraldo, Sao Paulo: Edusp/ISA/NuTI 2006.445 pp., illustrations, map, tables, references, R$54,00. (paper) ISBN: 85-7139-659-0.[]
Citation Information
Robin M Wright. "Ethnology and Indigenism in the Brazilian Northwest Amazon" (2009)
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