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First-Person Plural Indexicals
Disputatio (2022)
  • Robert J. Stainton
  • Arthur Sullivan
This is a study of an under-developed topic in philosophy of language, namely first-person
plural pronouns (‘we’, ‘us’, etc.) Richard Vallee has made very important progress by identify- ´
ing crucial desiderata and putting forward an ingenious proposal about ‘we’ which addresses
them. We contend that, despite this impressive progress, he makes some missteps, both
omissions and errors; furthermore, his proposal appears implausible as a personal-level psychological story. We thus sketch an alternative approach to the semantics of the first-person
plural indexical which, though it builds on Vallee’s important work, departs substantially ´
from it
  • first-person; pronouns; plural pronouns; Richard Vallee; ‘we’
Publication Date
December, 2022
Publisher Statement
Corrected proof
Citation Information
Robert J. Stainton and Arthur Sullivan. "First-Person Plural Indexicals" Disputatio Vol. 14 Iss. 66 (2022)
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