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Troubles with Rey's Linguistic Eliminativism
Mind and Language (2021)
  • Robert J. Stainton
  • Christopher Viger
We focus on Folieism, Rey’s brand of Eliminativism about languages, according to which words, sentences, phonemes, and such, and consequently languages, do not exist; they are intentional inexistents, on par with unicorns, that speakers, under an ineluctable illusion, mistake as real. We present a simplified reconstruction of his argument, challenge what we take to be its presuppositions, and argue that its conclusion has unwanted social/ethical consequences and construes linguistics writ large in a strange light, as a kind of pretense, leading us to reject Folieism.
  • Eliminativism,
  • Folieism,
  • Georges Rey
Publication Date
September 15, 2021
Publisher Statement
Uncorrected proofs
Citation Information
Robert J. Stainton and Christopher Viger. "Troubles with Rey's Linguistic Eliminativism" Mind and Language (2021)
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