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Critical Notice of Words and Contents
Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2021)
  • Robert J. Stainton
  • Arthur Sullivan
Full review of Richard Vallee's 2018 book Words and Thoughts. The article focuses on the explication and critique of John Perry's "pluri-propositional" or "reflexive referential" view, which Vallee applies to a range of context sensitive expressions.
  • Context sensitivity,
  • John Perry,
  • Richard Vallee,
  • Complex demonstratives,
  • slurs,
  • semantics,
  • pluri-propositional,
  • reflexive-referential
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Publisher Statement
Draft accepted for publication. For citation purposes, please consult the published version.
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Robert J. Stainton and Arthur Sullivan. "Critical Notice of Words and Contents" Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2021)
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