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Quasi-Factives and Cognitive Efficiency
Relevance, Pragmatics and Interpretation. (2019)
  • Axel Barcelo Aspeitia
  • Robert J. Stainton
We introduce the notion of a "quasi-factive" -- sentences such as 'It isn't widely known that Obama has been arrested, which is true because he hasn't been arrested -- and offer an explanation of why we hear them as if they were factives.
  • Quasi-factives,
  • Relevance Theory,
  • Deirdre Wilson,
  • Presupposition
Publication Date
K. Scott, B. Clark and R. Carston
Cambridge University Press
Publisher Statement
Uncorrected authors' proofs
Citation Information
Axel Barcelo Aspeitia and Robert J. Stainton. "Quasi-Factives and Cognitive Efficiency" CambridgeRelevance, Pragmatics and Interpretation. (2019) p. 53 - 65
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