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To nurture transformational technology, build a community like Sam Walton’s
Strategy & Leadership (2015)
  • Osvald M. Bjelland
  • Robert C. Wood, San Jose State University
– The authors examine the approach by which Sam Walton, a 48-year-old when he took his first technology course, drove creation of a new set of technology for retailing.

– By breaking Walton’s approach into five stages, the authors show how his way of working points to a credible path for leaders with limited background in technology to lead technological change.

– Senior leaders can apply Walton’s systematic way of leading for creation of excellent processes to accomplish customer-focused technology innovation in the modern era.

Practical implications
– Five elements of Walton’s tech innovation leadership are reviewed and analyzed.

– This article offers insights about how Walton was able to form a tech savvy team of managers and synthesize a vision about the potential of technology to produce operational breakthroughs far in advance of his competition.
  • Innovation opportunity assessment,
  • Operations innovation,
  • Sam walton,
  • Technology leadership,
  • Walmart operations technology
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Osvald M. Bjelland and Robert C. Wood. "To nurture transformational technology, build a community like Sam Walton’s" Strategy & Leadership Vol. 43 Iss. 2 (2015) p. 41 - 46 ISSN: 1087-8572
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