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The Five Styles of Strategy Innovation
European Management Journal (2001)
  • Robert C. Wood, San Jose State University
  • P. Loewe
  • P. J. Williamson
The authors draw on their study over the past three years of companies that introduced numerous successful new strategies — and compare them to less innovative peers. They discovered, in particular, successful innovators used five distinct management styles, often at odds with each other, but with internally consistent routines. The five styles are explored in detail, with corporate examples. The challenge for managers is to mobilize many different parts of their organization to execute an appropriate style or styles of innovation. If successful, tremendous innovation breakthroughs are possible.
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Robert C. Wood, P. Loewe and P. J. Williamson. "The Five Styles of Strategy Innovation" European Management Journal Vol. 19 Iss. 2 (2001)
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