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Opportunities for Non-Degree Executive Education in Taiwan
Journal of Executive Education
  • Robert D. Winsor, Loyola Marymount University
  • Annie Liu, Loyola Marymount University
  • Xiaoyan Yu, Loyola Marymount University
  • Kim Huynh-Willis, Loyola Marymount University
Few organizations today have remained untouched by globalization. Whether they are in direct competition with multinational businesses or simply experiencing the pressure of operating within a large competitive universe, virtually all firms now operate in a global economy. As a result of this global competition, U.S. and foreign executives alike have been confronted with the need to broaden their conceptualization and understanding of the impacts of these trends. In response to these needs, both universities and independent training organizations have developed innovative programs for executive training and education. Observers predict that demand for this type of education will grow substantially during the next decade, both within the United States and abroad. In anticipation of this demand and in response to the requirements of the global economy, educational institutions of many forms have begun to focus on international opportunities, both in terms of new markets and also in terms of subject material.
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Robert D. Winsor, Annie Liu, Xiaoyan Yu and Kim Huynh-Willis. "Opportunities for Non-Degree Executive Education in Taiwan"
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