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Comparative managerial values: Malaysia and the West
Journal of Asia-Pacific Business
  • Robert I Westwood
  • James E Everett
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The personal values of 162 Malaysian managers were studied, using data from the three major cultural-ethnic groups that compose Malaysia's population. Core managerial values were compared with similarly derived data from respondents in the USA and Australia. Multidimensional scaling was used for the comparison. Personal values are analyzed within the context of a discussion of heterogeneous cultural value systems within Malaysia and also within the parameters of the broader convergence-divergence debate. The evidence points to the impact of convergent forces, but there is recognition of the simultaneous play of opposing, divergent forces. Such a situation of cultural diversity and dynamic tension is not unique to Malaysia, but this particular multicultural environment provides a fascinating microcosmic laboratory in which to study it.
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Westwood, RI & Everett, JE 1996, 'Comparative managerial values: Malaysia and the West', Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 3-38.

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