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Response to "Comment on 'Observations on An Equation of State for Water Confined in Narrow Slit-Pores'"
Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Arjan Giaya
  • Robert W Thompson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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In our Response to the Comment on “Observations on an equation of state for water confined in narrow slit-pores,” [J. Chem. Phys. 116, 2565 (2002)] we responded to the points raised by Truskett, Debenedetti, and Torquato. We agree with their point regarding the asymptotic limit of the excess grand potential, i.e., that it should reach a value equal to twice the fluid–wall interfacial tension. However, we also showed, using the mean-field approach, that their model of hydrogen bonding did not produce some aspects of water confined in narrow slit-pores correctly. We believe this was due to limiting the number of favorable hydrogen bonds to only pairwise interactions, while it is known from the literature that up to four favorable hydrogen bonds may be formed. And, while we did not evaluate the temperature dependence of hydrogen bonding, their predicted temperature dependence is inaccurate in some respects.
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Arjan Giaya and Robert W Thompson. "Response to "Comment on 'Observations on An Equation of State for Water Confined in Narrow Slit-Pores'"" Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 117 Iss. 17 (2002) p. 8164 - 8165
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