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The Prophecy Manuscript - Part 4
  • Robert K. Thomas

The Prophecy Manuscript by Robert K. Thomas is not an academic volume. Instead it is a critical appraisal of American Indian life for American Indian readers. Thomas, in this volume, makes no attempt at ‘pulling punches’. He is critical of Indian militants, nationalists, bureaucrats, educators and pseudo-religious leaders.

Part 4 contains: More of the Prophecy (Helping Others, The Pruning of the Tree, Peoples to take a Lesson From, An Apology to our White Brothers and Educated Indians, A Need for White Allies). What We Can Do In the City. Prophecies About Indians in the City. Prophecy of Carrying Our Fire in Our Hands. Four Talks About the Indians from the Keetoowah Society. Looking Far Into the Future. Final Thoughts. .

Part 4 also contains 3 attachments: A Cree Prophecy. A Message to the Education for Mankind Conference. Book Evaluation. .

  • Prophecy,
  • Keetoowah,
  • Harmony,
  • God's Law,
  • Unity Among Tribes
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Robert K. Thomas. The Prophecy Manuscript - Part 4. (1986)
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