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Private legislation: Function and Procedure in the Eighteenth Century (2009)
  • Robert Tennyson

This is a study of the private legislative business of parliament between 1688 and 1774, the preconditions of its growth and the manner of its legitimization. Through the eighteenth century, the products of parliament’s private business increasingly impacted the lives of Englishmen, at every rung on the social ladder. Yet, despite the number, variety and extent of these proposals passing through parliament and sanctioned by its private legislation, our understanding of this critical aspect of parliament’s agency in the eighteenth century is remarkably underdeveloped. This study endeavors to extend our understanding of this business through a detailed examination of the rules, procedures and practices that affected the functioning of private legislation. Further, it aims to establish two interrelated claims: First, parliament’s rules, procedures and practices for administrating its private business generally operated to expand the opportunities for its use. Second, these same rules, procedures and practices effectively addressed the difficulties that were created by this expansion of business.

  • private legislation,
  • parliament,
  • process,
  • procedure
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Robert Tennyson. "Introduction" Private legislation: Function and Procedure in the Eighteenth Century (2009)
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