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The European Community 1992 Program and U.S. Workers
Monthly Labor Review (1990)
  • Robert C. Shelburne, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Gregory Schoepfle
This paper provides a summary and analysis of the papers presented at a conference sponsored by the Bureau of International Labor Affairs and the Center for Strategic and International Studies concerning the impact of the single market (EC 1992) on U.S. workers. The aggregate effects of EC 1992 are considered as well as sector analysis of the automobile, electronics, and entertainment sectors. The Social Dimension of the single market and its potential impact on U.S. workers is also discussed. A major theme explored relates to the consequences of industrial enterprises becoming transnational while labor markets and labor organizations remain national.
  • EC 1992,
  • European Community,
  • U.S. Workers
Publication Date
November, 1990
Citation Information
Robert C. Shelburne and Gregory Schoepfle. "The European Community 1992 Program and U.S. Workers" Monthly Labor Review Vol. 113 Iss. 11 (1990)
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