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The Limits of Game Theory on Important Legal Issues
Santa Barbara Lawyer Magazine (2014)
  • Robert M. Sanger

Political strategists often talk in terms of targeting the “persuadable middle.” This term is used regarding volatile issues like same-sex marriage, war, or the death penalty. It is a core feature of undergraduate “game theory” classes taught within Economics departments but it is also a concept that has become a staple of political campaign consultants.

The “persuadable middle” concept is severely flawed in practice. Recent scholarly research has shown that the very fact of utilizing economic “game theory” and concepts like the “persuadable middle” has unintended consequences. By staying away from moral discourse in potentially volatile debates and focusing instead on the economic self-interest of the “persuadable middle,” the debates lose authenticity.

  • game theory,
  • jurisprudence
Publication Date
January, 2014
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Robert M. Sanger. "The Limits of Game Theory on Important Legal Issues" Santa Barbara Lawyer Magazine Iss. 496 (2014)
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