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Building Comprehension in Adolescents: Powerful Strategies for Improving Reading and Writing in Content Areas
Faculty Books and Monographs
  • Linda H. Mason, Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus
  • Robert Reid
  • Jessica L. Hagaman, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Co-authored by Jessica Hagaman, UNO faculty member. Comprehension problems have become an epidemic: One out of every four secondary school students is unable to read and comprehend the material in textbooks.Start addressing the root of the problem today with this practical guidebook, designed to strengthen adolescents' reading comprehension and written expression so they can master academic content. Developed for middle and high school teachers, this book helps educators improve students' reading and writing through Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD), an evidence-based instructional approach that shows students how to apply proven strategies independently to boost their school success. Teachers will get complete lesson plans for teaching strategies that use proven, validated SRSD methods that are based on sound instructional theory and have had documented positive effects. Build a foundation for higher achievement. Teachers will discover ways to embed reading, writing, and organization strategies into science and social studies lessons, so students can sharpen their understanding of complex academic content.
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Paul H. Brookes Publishing
Special Education and Communication Disorders
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“The Attractions and Challenges of Collaborative Public Management,” (with Z. Lu). In Papers from the Fourth International Conference on ‘Public Management in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges’.” SDX Publishing Co. (Shanghai, China: 2012).