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Community colleges and STEM examining underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities
  • Robert T. Palmer, PhD
  • J. Luke Wood, PhD, San Diego State University

As United States policymakers and national leaders are increasing their attention to producing workers skilled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), community colleges are being called on to address persistence of minorities in these disciplines. In this important volume, contributors discuss the role of community colleges in facilitating access and success to racial and ethnic minority students in STEM. Chapters explore how community colleges can and do facilitate the STEM pipeline, as well as the experiences of these students in community college, including how psychological factors, developmental coursework, expertiential learning, and motivation affect success. Community Colleges and STEM ultimately provides recommendations to help increase retention and persistence. This edited volume is the first to discuss the intersection between minority STEM students and the role community colleges play in access and retention. This important book is a crucial resource for higher education institutions and community colleges as they work to advance success among racial and ethnic minorities in STEM education.

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Robert T. Palmer, PhD and J. Luke Wood, PhD. Community colleges and STEM examining underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities. New York: NY(2013)
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